Bodega Site Calamba in Laguna

Bodega Site I.T. Solutions, Inc. marked another milestone during its Grand Opening at the Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines, Calamba last November 30, 2012. It is expediently located at Unit 3 of the Ground Floor, New Parian Business Center, Brgy. Parian, Calamba City, Laguna.

This special event began at 10am with the sanctifying of the store by Rev. Fr. Louie Maritina, parish priest of St. Augustine Parish Church. The Ribbon Cutting was headed by former Governor Teresita “Ningning” Lazaro together with candle lighting followed by coin throwing.  Also present were the CEO - Engr. Anthony Junior J. Baisa, the COO - Engr. Jowylyn G. Baisa, the Franchisees – Elener & Patricia Dalmacion, the Bodega Site Management Team, the new employees of the branch and other guests.

A small morning program was conducted, wherein the humbling start of Bodega Site was presented through an AVP. Announcing of the special guest former Governor Teresita S. Lazaro, emphasized the true meaning of business, with the philosophy, Name IT we have IT. The CEO of Bodega Site, Engr. Anthony Baisa shared his inspirational message on how he got to know the Franchisees and his expectations from Calamba Branch. Words of welcome from the Franchisee Mrs. Patricia Dalmacion also shared her thoughts about how they started and how they were able to achieve success. Mr. Elener Dalmacion was speechless expressing only his heartfelt gratitude for the said event. But, the highlight of the program is the contract signing and turnover ceremonies of duties and responsibilities, followed by a toast to success that was led by the CEO and Mr. Dalmacion.

After the blessing, a feast for lunch was held at Ding Hao Restaurant. The second part of the program was celebrated at seven o’clock in the evening wherein the emcee is Mr. Michael Lang. Entertainers Boobsy who became Baby Boobsy as well, Kiriko Band and two Stand-up Comedians from Emperor Bar sung and show off their talent to leave a smile on every audience faces. Moments captured during photo-ops since the first part of the program started till evening, really show how grateful everyone are for the successful opening of the Calamba branch. The said event ended nine o’clock in the evening and it was indeed a Grand Opening to remember for everyone. Another branch, another start and another Bodega Site, that will provide good customer service to the city of Laguna.

Welcome to Bodega Site Calamba Branch!